Moti Levin Marketing Agencies Ltd

Moti Levin Marketing Agencies established on 1995, as a firm which import and market high quality working tools from leading working tools manufacturers leaders all over the world

Moti Levin Marketing Agencies Ltd main business is to learn and understand the field needs as garages, industrial factories and professional mechanics, plumbers etc. in order to match between high quality solution to our customer's needs

Not only that we are import high quality products but also to our sales and service team has the knowledge and the professional abilities to give solutions to the challenges of the new era in the vehicle and maintenance branches

Moti Levin Marketing Agencies Ltd. See herself as a leading company which in the present time and also in the future, keep it valid cooperation between world leaders companies and will also expand and create new cooperation which as a result of, keeps our costumers up to date on the working tools field innovations

Moti Levin Marketing Agencies Ltd gives full support for a diversity segments all over Israel such as mechanical garages for privet cars, motorcycles, trucks busses etc., agriculture & rural segment, industrial factories , professionals workers and privet costumers which their hobby is working tools and hi tech working tools

Among our costumers you can find "COL MOBIL Group" importer of Mercedes Benz, Hyundai and Mitsubishi cars and trucks In Israel, "Meir Group" importer of Volvo and Honda cars and trucks in Israel, UMI, Toyota, Peugeot garages etc., agricultural, hi tech military industrials

Moti Levin Marketing Agencies frontal exhibit hall located in Afula city and sprawl on 250 meters, which gives our costumer the opportunity to examined our products and our solutions on this area.
Likewise you can find here also service, maintenance and repair laboratory which gives service to all our important products

Moti Levin Marketing Agencies Ltd, as also market its products on VAN sale which characterize in her efficient and time saving for the end costumer. We have three VAN vehicles which gives full support all over Israelrom the north to the south

You can also find here customized solutions which match to our costumer's special needs according to technical data sheet

On this website you can explore, impress and even purchase on line our working tools and products. We are invite you contact us on

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